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How To Make An Eye-Catching Nursing Resume: An Updated Guide

Want to take your nursing career up a notch? You should be armed with an eye-catching

nursing resume that is sure to capture the attention of hospitals. A good nursing resume is the first step to getting to your dream job. How should you go about it?

This article runs you through the entire process of knowing how important a nursing resume is. You will also be getting a glimpse of some nursing resume samples you can refer to.

Go beyond the basics of a nursing resume to engage and impress your target employer. You don’t want your recruiter to get bored from reading a poorly-done resume. Keep it short and sweet.

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The Most Common Nursing Types Including Salary And Job Description Revealed!

The common misconception about pursuing a nursing career is that all nurses have the same career path. We know better that we nurses have a thriving career path ahead of us. Currently, there are about a hundred types of nurses, each with a specific function and job description. This article compiles 20 of the most common types of nurses, including expected average monthly salary and job descriptions.

For example, neonatal intensive care unit nurses require candidates to have ADN and BSN. These nurses also have an average salary of $60,766. Meanwhile, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) are required to have MSN and have an average salary of $110,930. What’s more interesting is that this nursing type has a projected 64,000 job openings by 2026.

Things are just going to get better for nurses. It’s time to get excited for what lies ahead.

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AtlantiCare’s Satellite Emergency Department Joins Exclusive Roster Of Emergency Nurses Association Awardees

AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center’s Statellite Emergency Department in Hammonton was recently given the 2018 Lantern Award by the Emergency Nurses Association. The distinction recognizes AtlantiCare’s premium attention that is given to all its patients.

The receipt of the Lantern award is a testament to the healthy collaboration happening inside ARMC’s Satellite Emergency Department. Specifically, the joint efforts of all the physicians and hospital staff – from policies to workplace design –  improved the operations of the entire department. Beyond hospital care, the Satellite Emergency Department also provides support to migrant workers by helping them get access to vital social services.

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Lawmakers Want To Improve Ratio of Aides to Patients in NJ Nursing Homes

New Jersey nursing homes would be required to hire scores of additional certified aides to help residents bathe, dress and get around, under legislation designed to improve care and safety for some of the state’s most vulnerable seniors and institutionalized residents.

The Assembly Human Services Committee approved a bill to establish specific staff-to-patient ratios yesterday over the cheers of certified nursing aides, the front-line workers who provide much of the daily nonmedical care for nursing home residents, and other healthcare advocates. Read the full story here…


What I’ve Learned From My Patients

I’ve been a nurse for six years and some change. I’ve worked in the private and government sector, and have been a nurse in medical-surgical and critical care settings. I’ve met wives, nephews, step-fathers and grandmothers, each one allowing me to be apart of their lives for a brief moment in time. I’ve cared for many people in Central Florida, and I love my community. Working in healthcare has taught me many things. I wanted to take the time to share a few moments with you. In turn, I hope you comment or write a post remembering all the patients who have impacted your life.

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