Connecting South Jersey Nurses

South Jersey RN is a hub for nurses aimed to provide a comprehensive nursing empowerment. As a result, enabling each one to impact the lives of their fellow nurses in the community.


South Jersey Nurses are made to excel both in their professional and personal lives. South Jersey RN (SJRN) aims to uphold that by creating a go-to online New Jersey nursing organization for comprehensive nursing empowerment. Specifically, this website aims to be the online resource to connect all South Jersey RNs by providing the following:

1. Career Support and Career Growth Opportunities for Nurses

The SJRN website showcases different career growth opportunities for nurses. This is in the form of providing insightful articles, relevant information, and high-impact event information for nurses.Most importantly, this site will soon contain transparent salary survey results from South Jersey RNs to serve as a guide for aspiring nurses in choosing the field where they are most fit to work.

2. Employment Opportunities

The SJRN site also provides information on employment opportunities from different known hospitals located in 9 counties: Mercer, Ocean, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Atlantic, Salem, Cumberland, and Cape May. The list is updated regularly and provides a wide array of openings.

3. Sounding Board for South Jersey RN

More than knowledge sharing, this site takes on the task of providing a sounding board for South Jersey nurses. This site will provide support for the challenges South Jersey nurses face on a daily basis. Inspirational stories from nurses themselves are featured on the website to help the other nurses who are experiencing the same dilemmas. The well-being of South Jersey nurses is of primary importance. This serves as the inspiration for making an interactive resource containing nursing empowerment strategies for adapting to the demands of nursing career.

4. Collection of Nursing Gears

Various reputable suppliers will be showcasing useful nursing products on the website. SJRN intends to create a one-stop shop for nurses who don’t have the time to shop for supplies without compromising quality.

The ultimate goal of SJRN is to connect all South Jersey nurses by creating a hub for nurses—enabling each one to impact the lives of their fellow nurses in the community. South Jersey nurses will be able to post their stories of success, of struggle, and everything in between. All content is aimed to be relevant and made to benefit the dedicated and hardworking nurses of the southern portion of New Jersey.

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