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How To Keep Up With Changing Technology As A Nurse?

Technology is not as fast paced then as it is now. It feels as if every month, there is something new to anticipate.

Nurses have to keep up with this fast paced world. From digitizing hospital records to syncing a doctor’s orders into a cloud, in this information age we have to be armed with the necessary improvements in our practice.  Here are some ways you can become a tech savvy nurse.

First off, you should be active in social media groups for nurses. Through these groups, you will have up-to-date information on nursing trends. You can also get to connect with other nurses online.

Interested to know the other tips? Get started by reading more of the article here.



Best Nursing Apps To Be On Top of Your Nursing Career

We have years of experience as a nurse under our belts. However, we should admit that there are instances when we just can’t remember everything we have encountered in school as well as in the hospital. These handy nursing apps are just what we need to excel in our duty in the hospital. These apps can make our nursing lives easier.

Do you need quick information on a prescription drug you’re looking for? Epocrates can help you. This app is available for iOS and Android. Another great app for this purpose is Nursing Central. For almost $170 annual subscription, you can access Taber’s  M Medical Dictionary, Diseases and Disorders, among other databases.

Get the full list by reading this article: 10 Must-Have Apps For Nurses


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